Welcome to Kirbys solicitors:

At Kirbys Solicitors, we understand that often excellent legal advice is only part of the service a Client seeks.  They want and deserve more.  They want their solicitor to identify their needs, concerns or problems and execute the most advantageous solution as quickly and efficiently as possible

 What really sets our practice apart is our way of doing things. Our service is based on trust and integrity and giving the client exactly what they need.  We pride ourselves on our understanding of Clients’ needs so that we can approach matters in a holistic and friendly manner.  Sometimes Clients are frail and infirm and therefore unable to travel so we will visit them at no extra cost.  We also appreciate that many Clients work full time and therefore its difficult to visit the office during working hours.  That’s why we are now open late on Thursday evenings until 8.00 pm and Saturday morning until 1.00 pm.The team prides itself on the pro bono work we do for terminally ill patients – many of whom have never met a solicitor before.
These Clients have taught us that qualities such as listening, caring and empathising are equally important as providing excellent legal advice.  We are no longer constrained by traditional law firm thinking as we do not believe that our Clients want this approach any more.

Our Clients expect the best from us and we like to think that our team delivers just that, every time.  Areas of expertise have been carefully chosen and developed to ensure that we service our Client’ needs through people who are highly skilled, motivated, personable but yet astute.

Many Clients see us as part of their extended family.  Building that type of relationship takes a great deal of trust that we are proud of.