In accordance with the SRA Transparency Rules (“the Rules”) which came into effect on 6th December 2018 we are required to publish information on our prices for some of the services we offer:

Fees for Grant of Probate only

Our standard fixed fee for obtaining the Grant of Probate is £500.00.

VAT at 20% will be charged on our fee (£100) along with any disbursements incurred (see below).

Fees for Full Estate Administration

We offer a fixed fee for our service as follows: –

Gross value of the estate                          Fee

Up to £100,000                                            £1,500.00

Up to £200,000                                            £2,500.00

Up to £300,000                                            £3,500.00

This will cover all the normal work including investigating the estate, identifying the legally appointed executors and beneficiaries, completing the Probate application and HMRC forms, applying for the Grant of Probate, calling in the assets, preparation of estate accounts and distribution of the assets.

VAT at 20% will be charged on the appropriate fee (£300; £500; £700) along with any disbursements incurred (see below).

We hope that we will be able to complete the work at these standard fees.  We do reserve the right to increase our costs where we deem it to be necessary due to the complexity of the matter, for example where Inheritance Tax is payable or if we are involved in additional work connected with the matter. When we deem it necessary to increase our costs or charge at an hourly rate we will confirm this in writing after discussing the matter with you.  Our standard hourly rate is £195 per hour and we would let you know in advance if we intend to charge this instead of the standard fee.

We may have to pay out various other expenses on your behalf.  We have no obligation to make such payments unless you have provided us with funds for that purpose.  These payments are generally referred to as “disbursements” and will typically include the standard fees payable to the Probate Registry (usually £158.00), fees for Statutory Advertisements (about £150.00) etc.

VAT at the standard rate will be payable on our fees and, where relevant, on disbursements.

Your work will be carried out by a solicitor with at least 2 year’s post qualification in Estate Administration.  Whilst no guarantee can be given as to timescales our aim in a simple probate matter is to obtain the grant within 6-9 months of initial instruction.   For more complex cases, for example, where IHT is an issue a timescale of 12 months is more appropriate.