Why Use a Solicitor to draft your Will?

Some people want to draft their own Will and that is fine if their Estate is small and uncomplicated.  Some people are tempted by the offer of a cheap Will on the Web but you should always read the small print.  There are also many other businesses you could use to make a Will, but often these are not regulated. Because of this, you can’t guarantee that your Will is valid or that you have a right of redress if the will is not drafted properly.  It’s even more important if you own a business or overseas property as there are complex issues which our Solicitors can give you specialist advice about.By using Kirbys, we can assure you that we are regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and in order to be regulated we MUST have insurance to protect you. This will hopefully give you peace of mind as well as the fact our team are specialists in Will drafting.

During Covid, we can take instructions for your Will over the phone or by video call as well as face to face meetings. We will do what we can to accommodate you.  If you are shielding we can arrange for your Will to be executed without anybody coming in to your property.

Why Make a Will?

The main benefit of a making a Will is that you know your Estate will go to whoever you choose, in a tax-efficient way. If you die without making a Will, then inheritance laws known as the Rules of Intestacy decide who gets what which means your Estate could end up going to people you don’t want to benefit or even the Crown.

By Making a Will You Can:

• Avoid family disputes
• Plan for and/or reduce Inheritance Tax
• Make gifts to family and friends
• Appoint Guardians and Trustees for children (under 18)
• Give specific personal belongings or jewellery
• Leave gifts to Charity
• Create Trusts to Protect children, vulnerable relatives or property
• Choose your Executors
• Set out your funeral wishes

Our Solicitors have a wealth of experience in drafting both simple and complex Wills.
In our first call or meeting with you, we will discuss your wishes and what’s important to you so that we can tailor the Will to your specific requirements and where necessary, advise you about the most tax-efficient way of protecting your Estate.